Waterproofing the Outside Garage Wall in Balwyn North


A very common situation for houses situated on the hills


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 Balwyn North. One of the Garage Walls is always wet. Quite often the water appears from the floor/wall joint.

As always, there are two independent reasons for that:

First of all, there is moisture coming directly from the ground outside the garage – the ground level is 1,5m higher than the garage floor.

Secondly – there is Rising Damp.

Garage Waterproofing Balwyn 2
Garage Waterproofing Balwyn

Because of the limited budget the owner decided to do the job in two steps – with the first step being the waterproofing of the outside wall to prevent the moisture coming through the brickwork.

And the first action was to remove the ground from the outside wall, opening it from the foundation. There were few difficulties with that task:


  • Tight covered space with 1,5m height made it impossible to stand straight and dig comfortable – with no possibility to use any machinery in such a tight spot.
  • In the process we found out that the ground consists mostly of rock, which can be removed only using the jackhammer.
Garage Waterproofing Balwyn 3
Waterproofing Outside Wall

In two full days the trench – 9m long and 1,5m deep was ready

After that we washed the wall with high-pressure, removing the stuck ground and old, destructed cement slurry from the brickwork.

Then we patched every emptiness with new cement. In some places we had to render the wall to smooth the wall. On the joint of the foundation and the brickwork we made the 45-degree fillet with Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug).

On the next day we applied Top Quality Waterproofing Membrane.

Wall Rendering Balwyn
Waterproofing Membrane
Waterproofing Membrane Fillet

After the membrane had dried, the bottom of the trench was covered with concrete to give the desired slope. On the concrete we’ve put the AGI-Pipe with its end going out to the street via the freshly made hole. Outside it will be connected to the existing storm drain.

The owner asked  backfill with scoria to complete in a few months time.

AGI Pipe Waterproofing

Technicians of AWC Group have years of Experience completing Internal and External Waterproofing using Top Quality Materials  – so you can be sure, that every Treatment is completed to the highest standards!

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