Rising Damp Treatment – Damp Proofing Cream


In this article we will overview one of the ways to treat Rising Damp – with DRYZONE Damp Proofing Cream


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Brickwork is absorbing the moisture from the ground like a piece of sugar, put on the plate with water. The water is coming up due to capillary rising of subterranean waters, situated deep in the ground.


Signs of Capillary Moisture presence:

– Unwanted smell of dampness in the air.

– Increased humidity.

– Cold walls.

– Presence of mold and fungus.

– “Salty” walls.

– Destruction of the building materials (bricks, blocks etc.)


How to deal with it?

In the process of building, the builders must apply Damp Proof Course (DPC). A damp-proof course (DPC) is a horizontal barrier in a wall designed to prevent moisture rising through the structure by capillary action. However, in the real world we often face the results of unscrupulous builders’ work – when just a few-years old building has the Rising Damp problems.


Apart of that it is important to mention, that lots of old houses in Melbourne were built in the end of 19-Century / the beginning of 20-Century, also known as Victorian Buildings. The Waterproofing materials used more than a 100-years ago can no longer do their job – and the Rising Damp appears.


In 2000, The Great Britain Company called Safeguard Chemicals has invented the unique product – water-based cream DRYZONE. This invention made a revolution in the Waterproofing industry!

The product is a Holder of Internetionally Acclaimed British Board of Agreement Certification – and comes with a 30-yeard warranty.

DRYZONE uses the same capillary action, that the Rising Damp – and spreading evenly along the whole concrete seam, creating the Waterproofing Barrier.

DRYZONE injection into the bricks or concrete is the most commonly used Rising Damp treatment in the modern World.

AWC Group is proud to offer DRYZONE Damp Proofing Course as one of the options to cure Rising Damp.

Materials Used:

1. Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream 


Waterproofing Melbourne | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Tanking | DRYZONE Cream | Rising Moisture | Waterproofing | Leaking Walls

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