External and Internal Walls Waterproofing in Box Hill


Fixing the Builder’s mistakes and doing the Waterproofing Professional way


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This is an excellent example, making obvious a great difference between Professional and Amateur.

New multi-level building in Box Hill. The Builder decided to save money and do the External Waterproofing on his own, without any Professional help or advice. It has been less than a year since the Builder have done so called “Waterproofing” – and now we can see the results.

Professional Waterproofing Melbourne
Professional Waterproofing Melbourne 2

The Owner was shocked to see the basement of his new house leaking after every rain.


She asked our advice on this situation – and we were happy to explain, how the Waterproofing shall be done and why the water is getting in.

First of all – because the Owner didn’t want to dig and Waterproof outside, we’ve agreed to complete the Internal Waterproofing using the Negative Pressure Waterproofing Membrane.

Internal Walls Waterproofing
Internal Walls Waterproofing - 2

The whole length of the cold joint was injected with Polyurethane Crack Injection product, then filled with Hydraulic Cement and covered with Waterproofing Membrane.

Crack Injection Waterproofing
Crack Injection Waterproofing 2

As recommended, the Owner asked to complete External Waterproofing of one of the external walls as well.

To do that, we had to take off the peeled and bubbled old membrane, that was applied by the Builder.

Bad example of Waterproofing
Waterproofing Grinding

– Then, dry the wall with the gas-heater

– Create the 45 angle fillet on the joint between the blocks and concrete

Waterproofing Heating
Waterproofing Fillet

– Fill every emptiness, crack or unevenness with hydro-cement

– Only then – apply two layers of Waterproofing Membrane, suitable for the given conditions

External Waterproofing Melbourne
External Waterproofing Melbourne 2

More than that – we’ve used a special waterproofing reinforcing fabric to prevent the cracks on the joints

Waterproofing Tape
Waterproofing Tape 2

The Owner was pleasantly surprised, seeing the difference between the Professional Waterproofing and the one, that has been done before.

Now she is making the decision to dig all other walls and do the External Wall Waterproofing like we’ve done on this wall.

Professional Waterproofing Melbourne
IMG 1888
IMG 1894

This example is showing, that everyone shall do his own job – Bricklayer shall lay bricks, Renderer – do the rendering, Painter – painting, Waterproofer – waterproofing.

If the painter starts to lay bricks and the Builder is making the Waterproofing – the result will be like it was shown in the beginning of this article.

Technicians of AWC Group have years of Experience completing Internal and External Waterproofing using Top Quality Materials  – so you can be sure, that every Treatment is completed to the highest standards!

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