Internal Walls Waterproofing, using High-Pressure Crack Injection in Ringwood North


Turning the Unlivable 40 square meters to a Modern, Beautiful Living Area with High-Pressure Crack Injection and Waterproofing Membrane


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The house is situated on the hills. Natural ground level in the area has ~30° degree angle.
One of the rooms is situated lower than the ground level. External Walls Waterproofing hasn’t been done at all, or has been done with inadequate quality. As a result – the walls are always wet, cement/sand render got lax and started to fall off the walls.

Preparations’re completed, the Stage is set…


During the heavy rains water was literally running on the floor – what made the floor cover inapplicable. Plus – there was a strong damp and mold smell, making the room completely unlivable.
The Client has asked AWC Group to find a solution without crashing the concrete around the house in order to make External Walls Waterproofing (which has to be done properly on the construction stage).
There are Double-Brick walls all around the room.


This is pretty common situation all around Hilly areas of Melbourne and Eastern Victoria – and the solution that we usually apply for such cases is:

– First of all we took all render from the walls with jackhammers and manual tools.


– Installed Mechanical Injection Packers – around 30 packers for 1 square meter of the wall. In total – we have installed over 600 packers.


– Completed a High-Pressure Crack Injection, using BluRez CS150 Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin.

Crack Injection Packers 2
Crack Injection

– On the next day, after the product has firmed up, we’ve taken off the packers and grinded the walls, taking off all the traces of the product, leaving the walls nice and clean.

High Pressure Crack Injection Melbourne

– Patched the holes (left from High-Pressure Crack Injection Packers) 


– Floor cover and old waterproofing membrane were uninstalled with grinder and manual tools.

– Created a Fillet Joint (angle fillet) at internal corners between horizontal and vertical surface with Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug).


– And the final step was to apply the Negative Pressure Waterproofing Membrane (Sikalastic-1K – fibre-reinforced waterproofing mortar) all over the floor and the walls.

Inlection Waterproofing

In the near future the Client wants to install new plasterboards and make the new, modern floor covering. So the room will be turned from 40 square meters of unlivable area to a new, modern, beautiful Living Area. With the job well done + our warranty – he can confidently do that with a peace of mind!

The solution described above made it possible to solve the common for the Ringwood North area problem the most optimal way – without needing to excavate outside, crushing the outdoor decorations and making a mess out of a backyard. We also saved our Client much money by that – so he can now spend them designing the new Living Zone instead of recreating of the backyard!

We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

1. Bluey Rez CS150 (Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin)

BluRez CS150

2. Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug)

3. Sikalastik-1K Fiber-Reinforced Waterproofing Mortar (Negative Pressure Membrane)

Waterproofing Melbourne | High-Pressure Crack Injection | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Internal Walls Waterproofing | Crack Injection | AWC Group

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