Complete External Waterproofing Routine for the Residential House in Greensborough.


Applying the real Waterproofing, completing it with Damp Proofing and Crack Stitching.


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First liquid Waterproofing Membranes were created in the beginning of 20th Century.

In 1940-1950th the new generation of liquid Waterproofing Membranes based on mixed materials (such as rubber and resin) became a revolution in hydro-isolation and solved many Waterproofing problems existed those days.

In 1960-1970th the next generation of Waterproofing Materials appeared – acrylic, styrene-butadiene and unsaturated polyester varieties based.

Water based Waterproofing Membranes became widely used in 1990th.

Based on the brief history above – I just don’t get why there was absolutely no reasonable Waterproofing done in the houses built 30-40 years ago.

For example, let’s take one of our latest jobs:

Old Waterproofing

Old, useless plastic film. How it was supposed to protect the wall from the moisture?..


Residential house in a beautiful hilly area in Greensborough – was built about 35 years ago. Because of the landscape in the area, there is a room in the house which floor is lower than the external ground level. The difference in heights is from 0,5m to 1,8m (the total length of the affected wall is around 15m).

When our technicians dug the trench 0,5-1,8m deep, they found out that there was actually no Waterproofing done. In between the brickwork and the soil there was only the plastic film, which was mechanically damaged in the process of back landfill.

Old Waterproofing

This is pretty common situation all around Hilly areas of Melbourne and Eastern Victoria – External Waterproofing is the the best solution for such cases.

Such film ABSOLUTELY CAN’T protect the wall from the moisture (even theoretically) – its top edge was situated 200mm lower than the ground level and the moisture was just coming from the top straight to the brickwork.

AGI pipe, located in the bottom of the trench (right on the footing), was also installed incorrectly and was angled to the house (rather than taking the water away it actually took the water to the house).


Waterproofing Greensborough

To fix the Waterproofing issue and to secure the house from the moisture, we’ve completed the full External Wall Waterproofing routine:


  • Dug the soil 200mm lower than the concrete footing / brickwork joint and washed the wall with High-Pressure Washer, removing dirt and debris from the wall.
Waterproofing Greensborough Digging
Waterproofing Greensborough Digging
Waterproofing Washing
  • Installed new Damp Proofing Course, drilling the holes 100mm above from the footing (every 80mm) and pumping the Damp Proofing Cream.
Damp Proofing Rising Damp Greensborough
Damp Proofing Rising Damp Greensborough
Damp Proofing Rising Damp Melbourne
  • Every opened emptiness, hole and unevenness on the wall was filled with hydro-cement and rendered.
Waterproofing Rendering
  • Applied Primer on the dried rendered wall.
  • Applied two layers of Top-Quality Waterproofing Membrane (Sika) from the bottom to the point of 150mm higher than the ground level.
External Wall Waterproofing Greensborough
IMG 3318

As the walls were washed, we also found the structural crack and offered and completed the Crack Stitching to secure the house structure’s integrity.

Crack Stitching Greensborough
  • After the Waterproofing Membrane dried, we’ve put the new AGI pipe, connected it with existing stormwater drainage system and covered it with 300mm of scoria.
Waterproofing Greensborough
14 1
Waterproofing AGI pipe
Waterproofing AGI pipe
  • Finally, proceeded with the back landfill using the Upright Tampering Rammer (upright tampering rammer is used in civil construction to compact and consolidate backfill in trenches). In order to do that, we’ve put 200-300mm of soil back to the trench evenly and compacted it with the Rammer. This action takes more time than just a back landfill, but guarantees that the soil won’t sink in the future.
Waterproofing Back Landifill
Waterproofing Greensborough Final

Such thoroughly done job takes much more time and effort than just putting a Waterproofing Paint on a dirty wall – however, this way we are confident with our Warranty and happy to see than our Client is 100% satisfied with the job we’ve done.

We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

1. Sika Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

2. Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug)

3. Helifix Crack Stitching Products

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