External Waterproofing, Damp Proofing and Crack Injection for the Residential House in Macleod.


300mm Concrete base, 3,2m of rock-hard soil and other challenges as part of External Waterproofing job in Macleod.


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Three-storey residential house built about 25 years ago. There was a Rising Damp problem on top of the moisture coming horizontally from the soil outside.

After the inspection we’ve decided to open two external walls and proceed with External Wall Waterproofing routine – as we usually do in such cases.

We’ve removed the tiles from the footpath near one of the walls – and found, that the tiles were installed on the concrete base, that varies from 250mm to 300mm. The concrete base was put under the whole footpath – which would make the process of removing and then restoring it another whole job for us.

External Waterproofing Macleod

So, we’ve changed the strategy – instead of removing concrete and digging the wall, we’ve cleaned the concrete and applied two layers of Waterproofing Membrane.

Сoncrete slab and brick wall joint was strengthened with reinforced tape to avoid the possibility of appearing of the crack on the joint as a result of weather extremes.

Meanwhile, we’ve completed the Crack-Injection with Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin to the outside soil level from the inside. After removing the packers and patching the holes, the wall was covered with two layers of Fiber-reinforced waterproofing membrane, suitable for negative pressure.

External Waterproofing Macleod
Crack Injection Macleod
Crack Injection Macleod

Along the whole inside perimeter of the house (about 40m) the Rising Damp Course was created, using the Damp Proofing Cream.

Rising Damp Macleod
Rising Damp Macleod - 1

With the second outer wall there also was a surprise:

As was calculated, the maximum depth would be about 2,2m (varying from 1,2m to 2,2m).

Proceeding with excavation, we’ve stumbled upon the hard rock at the depth of 1,5-1,7m, which prevented us from using an excavating machinery any further. More than that – there was critically not enough space to store the soil (only 1,3m from the wall to the fence).


Waterproofing Macleod

So – we had to dig manually from 1,5-1,7m further, using the hand shovels. Yes, using the jackhammer to destruct the rock and taking it away with the buckets, carrying it 10-15m away – where we still had available space to store the soil. Bucket after bucket.

And – the best surprise was when we continued to dig further and further… 2,2m… 2,5m… 2,7m…

    External Wall Waterproofing Macleod
    External Wall Waterproofing Macleod - 2

    The deepest point we had to dig was 3,2m! Oh, it was an outstanding job…


    After the digging was finished, we’ve washed the wall with high pressure washer and patched all the emptiness and cracks with Waterproofing Cement – as we usually do. Then – covered it with premium Waterproofing Membrane.

    Waterproofing Macleod
    External Waterproofing Melbourne

    On the bottom of the trench, we’ve put an AGI-pipe and connected it to existing stormwater drainage – then covering it with 0,5m of scoria and back-landfilled with layer-by-layer tampering, using the Tamper Rammer every 300mm. This guarantee, that the soil won’t sink in the future.

    External Waterproofing Melbourne

    The owner of the house got a Top-Quality Waterproofing for his abode – leaving us a positive review on our page. We’ve got the experience of working with the given situation and the feeling of satisfaction that “WE’VE DONE IT!”.

    The Client is happy – we are happy !



    External Waterproofing Macleod
    External Waterproofing Macleod

    We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

    1. Sika Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes


    2. Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug)


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