DryRod Damp Proofing with Damp Proofing Rods


The Most Advanced method of treating Rising Damp


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The problem of Rising Damp is especially actual in the old buildings.
Damp Proofing Course (DPC), applied during the construction is losing its qualities with time and stop working. It is necessary to create the new Waterproofing Barrier.


Today, we have 4 different options of Damp Proofing Course creations:


Gravity Damp-Course Fluid System
Damp Proofing Cream
– DryRod Damp Proofing Rods
Aqueous Damp Proofing Course – High Pressure Injection Fluid

Sure, there are also ways of creating Damp Proofing Course using different Polyethylene Damp Course Plascourses, but in this article we’re reviewing only chemical solutions.

Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods

First option, Damp Course Fluid, was founded over 50 years ago. It is a well recommended system used over many years – for a long time it was the only option.  

In the beginning of 21st Century British company Safeguard Europe Ltd. Invented DryZone Damp Proofing Cream – which was the revolution in the Waterproofing Industry. 

Later on, the same engineers of Safeguard Europe created another great solution – DryRod Damp Proofing Rods.

Currently, DryRods is the latest and the most advanced Damp Proofing Solution and Rising Damp treatment. 

Fibrous rods, soaked with special chemical solution, liquifying after they’ve been installed and creating the Damp Proofing Barrier, making the wall nicely Waterproofed, solving the Rising Damp problem.

Technicians of AWC Group have years of Experience working with Damp Proofing Rods – so you can be sure, that every Rising Damp Treatment will be completed to the highest standards!

Waterproofing Melbourne | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | DryRod Damp Course | DryRod Damp Proofing | AWC Group

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