Gravity Damp Course or Damp-Course Fluid (Damp Proofing Liquid)


The Damp Proofing method from 1950-s – is it still used today?


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Gravity Damp Course or Damp-Course Fluid (Damp Proofing Liquid) is a product on the base of Siloxane, which penetrates the wet walls. After the penetration into the Brickwork, Damp-Course Fluid reacts with existing minerals, creating durable wet layer, protecting the wall from moisture.

Gravity Feed Method (Gravity Damp Course, or Damp Proofing Liquid) was used since 1950-s – that time the product was injected with vortexes. This method was practically the only one and the most effective treatment of Rising Damp till 2000-s – when the British Company Safeguard Chemicals invented their revolutionary cream DRYZONE – Damp Proofing Cream. After this invention Damp Proofing Liquid is losing its popularity – however, it is still used in some situations.

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing Liquid is great for a large amount of work – mostly because it’s cheaper price. Another situation where Damp Proofing Liquid is used – when the Brickwork has to be rendered after the injection – otherwise in the process of drilling (which has to be 45 degrees) there is a risk of chipping the brick. More than that – patched holes don’t improve the overall view of the injected area.


However – Damp Proofing Liquid is as effective as other, more advanced methods of Damp Proofing and still commonly used on the construction sites or outdoor settings.

Thechnicians of AWC Group have years of Experience working with Damp Proofing Liquid – so you can be sure, that every Gravity Damp Course will be completed to the highest standarts!

We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

1. Tech-Dry Damp Course Fluid

Waterproofing Melbourne | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Damp Proofing Liquid | Gravity Damp Course | Damp Proofing Course | Outdoor Waterproofing

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