In our work we often face the need to Waterproof Garage Walls (Damp Proofing)


Let`s overview the recent job we’ve done in Toorak on the last week:


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The Garage Wall is located between the Client’s and his Neighbor’s plots. The ground level on the Neighbor’s plot is 0.5m higher, than the Garage Floor. So – the wall is situated 0.5m form the Garage Floor is getting wet from the ground of the Neighbor’s plot.

External Waterproofing of the wall hasn’t been done – and the brick work is absorbing the moisture from the ground like a sponge. As result – there is mold on the internal wall, the paint is bubbling, the seam is spilling out and the brick disintegrate. This is Single-Brick wall – so there is also a real damage of the wall collapsing inside the garage.

Due to external wall is on the Neighbor’s plot – we can’t access it, so we can’t Waterproof the external wall. What`s the solution for such common situation?

  • First of all, we taking off the old paint and damaged concrete from the seams with grinder.


  • Washing the wall with High-Pressure.


  • Installing Mechanical Packers into each damaged horizontal seam (every 150mm) and performing Polyurethane High-Pressure Injection – we use new German Injection Machine (WEBAC) and Bluey Rez CS150 (Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin) to carry out this job.
  • On the next day we taking out the Packers and patching the holes with Waterproof Cement.


  • Then, we do hard cement repointing – if needed.



This way, we can 100% guarantee the quality of our job and make sure, that such thing as leaking garage will not bother you anymore!


As you can see, even without the access to the external wall it is still possible to get the result you want – fast, secure and affrodable. 

We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

1. Bluey Rez CS150 (Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin)

2. Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug)

3. Sikalastik-1K Fiber-Reinforced Waterproofing Mortar (Negative Pressure Membrane)

Waterproofing Melbourne | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Tanking | High-Pressure Injection | Garage Wall Waterproofing | Leaking Garage Wall

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