Stitching the Cracked Wall on Toorak Rd., Camberwell


Because of the mistakes made in choosing of the footing system, the 25m of the wall has few severe cracks, threatening the whole wall to collapse in the near future. We’ve fixed it!


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The term Reactive Soil is well-known between the Builders and Construction Specialists.
In few words – it is the ability of soil to shift with changing of amount of moisture in the soil.

Preparations for the Stitching of this Cracked Wall


Not a secret, that Melbourne mostly situated on Reactive Soils – more in some suburbs, less in others.
Professional Builder MUST take an advice of Geotechnical Engineer before the commencing of construction to go over the test and classify the site classification according to Australian Standard AS 2870/2011 – Residential slabs and footings.

Only after the test it is possible to determine what sort of footing system is suitable for the site.
Unfortunately, some Builders neglect this important step – and that’s when the Cracks happen!


The Cracked Wall is threatening the passing pedestrians in the heart of Camberwell

Toorak Rd., the Brick-made wall, built few years ago. Because of the mistakes made in the choosing of footing system, the 25m of the wall has few severe cracks, threatening the whole wall to collapse in the near future. Some parts of the cracks are visible, others are hidden behind the rendering layers. More than that – the Cracked Wall is located along the commonly used pavement, causing danger for passing through pedestrians.


AWC Group completed the Crack Stitching of the Cracked Wall, guaranteeing the integrity of the existing brickwork – but with such serious mistake on the footing choice, there is no way to prevent the new cracks (it is very important to understand though – Crack Stitching is excellent solution, but not the Magic Wand).


– First of all, we took off the render about 100mm both ways from the crack – this way we’re opening the crack to make it obvious and to make sure that the whole crack is well-treated. In the process we’re uninstalling the broken bricks and taking off the cracked mortar as well.

– Next, we’ve cut the horizontal seams about 500mm both ways from the crack with depth of 30-40mm including the render every 3 brick courses.


– Washed all the dust off the Cracked Wall with high-pressure.

To stitch the cracks, we’re using the HeliFix materials.

– Filling the cut slots using the Helifix Pointing gun, injected the stitching product along the whole slot.


– Using the insertion tool, pushed HeliBars into the grout to obtain good coverage.

– Re-pointed the mortar to prepare the wall for rendering.


Enjoy your Crack-Free walls!

We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands:

1. HeliBar Remedial

2. HeliBond Grout

Waterproofing Melbourne | Cracked Wall | Crack Stitching | Cracked Wall Stitching | Helifix Crack Stitching | Re-pointing | AWC Group

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