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Rising Damp

Rising Damp / Tanking

Rising damp occurs as a result of wet or damp soil around the house entering through porous materials like bricks and mortar. Technically, the damp is drawn into these materials through capillary action…

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Damp Proofing | Rising Damp Melbourne | Damp Proofing Cream | Damp Proofing Rods | Rising Damp Mould | Waterproofing Melbourne
Crack Repair

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching bars provide a permanent solution for masonry repairs and cracked wall reinforcement to suit vertical, stepped or corner cracks. Crack repair bars are simply and effectively grouted across cracks in walls to reconnect and strengthen masonry….

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Crack Stitching | Helifix Crack Stitching | Brickwork Crack Fixing | Brickwall Reinforcing | Waterproofing Melbourne

Concrete and Brickwork Crack Injection

High and Low Pressure Injection Techniques can be used for injecting cracks, cold joints and for soil stabilization. The system can be used to stop gushing water, to seal minor seepage, to re-gain structural integrity and to waterproof and strengthen almost any concrete or masonry structure…

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Crack Injection | Polyurethane Crack Injection | Concrete Crack Injection | Epoxy Crack Injection | Waterproofing Melbourne
Garage Waterproofing Melbourne - 1

Leaking Garage Waterproofing

Doing the real Garage Waterproofing with guaranteed result

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Waterproofing Melbourne | Leaking Garage Waterproofing | Garage Waterproofing Melbourne | Garage Rising Damp | Garage Damp Proofing | Garage Crack Injection

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Complete External Wall Waterproofing solutions – from A to Z!

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External Wall Waterproofing | Leaking Basement | Leaking Garage | Leaking Retaining Wall | Exterior Wall Waterproofing | Waterproofing Melbourne resizeimage 1 min

Lift Pit Waterproofing

AWC Group is proud to provide quick and trustworthy Lift Pit Waterproofing solutions.

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Lift Pit (Shaft) Waterproofing | Waterproofing Melbourne

Exterior wall waterproofing. CBD. Little Collins Street. Council House.

Waterproofing Melbourne | Internal Wall Waterproofing | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Waterproofing Rising Damp  Internal Waterproofing | Lateral Damp | Garage Waterproofing | AWC Group| Penetrating Damp | Crack Injection  External Waterproofing | External Wall...

What Waterproofing Method shall I use? Most common Problems and our Solutions.

There is a Waterproofing problem in my Garage / Living Room / Shop / Basement – the wall is getting wet.

What shall I do? What kind of service do I need? Who does that and how to fix it?

You’ll find answers in this article.

Crack Injection the Multi-Level Parking – Fixing the Dripping Rain Water on Elizabeth St., CBD

Waterproofing the Multi-Level Car Park on Elizabeth St., CBD.

Fixing the Dripping Rain Water to the Main Hall from the Car Park of the Multi-Level building in the heart of Melbourne.

Waterproofing building on sloped ground

Welcome to our blog. The house is built on a sloping site in Oakleigh. Installed 3 retaining walls. Between retaining walls the distance is 1-1.5 meters. Water enters the house through these walls. It is necessary to carry out external waterproofing of  the wall. The...

Exterior wall waterproofing

            Location - Rowville.There is crawl space under the floor.  After it rains, water gets through the exterior walls under the floor and flows like a river through the entire crawl space and out into the garage.After the inspection, we suggested excavating the...

Excelsior House. Built in 1884. Elizabeth St & Flinders St. Melbourne VIC 3000

Lift Pit Waterproofing.The heart of Melbourne. Crossing of Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street. (100m from Flinders St). This is a historic heritage building built in 1884.The building was permanently made of brick. Subsequently, the upper floors were rebuilt and...

Complete Shopfitters. The Australian leaders in large-scale retail fittings and contract joinery design, manufacture and installation.

Welcome to our blog. Waterproofing of the wall The management of a large company asked us to fix a leak in the carpentry shop.Waterproofing Melbourne | Internal Wall Waterproofing | Damp Proofing | Rising Damp | Waterproofing Rising Damp| Internal Waterproofing |...

Warehouse/office complex in Tullamarine.

Welcome to our blog. The owner of an office and warehouse complex located in Tullamarine turned to our company. The complex building is built of concrete panels. The outer wall of the building has a length of 200 meters and is located on the border with the...


View our projects below Mooroolbark College.  Repair of cracks in brickwork with matching mortar to existing.  Crack Stitching. Council House. Little Collins Street, The City.  External wall waterproofing. Multi-Level Car Park on Elizabeth St, The City....

Our branded “Triple Protection” – what is it.

In this blog, I would like to revisit the issue of water leakage into the garage during rain. This is very common in Melbourne. For more than 10 years of practice, we have not seen a garage where builders would have done exterior waterproofing during construction....

Rising Damp

Welcome to our blog. I was surprised to find that there is still no blog about the issue of Rising Damp.   In general, from experience we can say that if a house is older than 30 years, the Damp Proof Course (DPC) installed during construction usually no longer...

The external ground level is higher than the building.

In this article, I would like to talk about a common situation that is an intractable problem for most waterproofing companies. I mean the situation when the room is below ground level.There is soil behind the wall and there is no possibility to excavate this soil and...

Retaining Wall Waterproofing

In this block, I would like to talk about the waterproofing of a retaining wallWe have the following case here:  The property is located in Templestowe   The terrain is hilly, so retaining walls have to be used to create even horizontal parts. The ground level on...

Rising Damp and walls of double brick with a cavity

A large company with a office in CAULFIELD, VIC, requested our assistance in solving the problem of damp walls. During the examination, we found that the age of the building is about 50 to 70 years, the brick walls are of 270 mm thickness (double brick with a cavity)....

Quite an interesting case.

I would like to mention an interesting case. Once a desperate builder addressed us. He built a new house. This house was sold a few weeks ago. Everything was great, but suddenly, the buyer found a huge puddle on the floor of the garage occurring after a heavy rain....

Helifix crack stitching in a historic building.

Fixing the Structural Cracks   The building located in Richmond was constructed in 1857. This building recognized as a historical heritage. Red arrows indicate existing structural cracks in the brickwork.Waterproofing Melbourne | Internal Wall Waterproofing |...

Exterior wall waterproofing. Step by step. How to install a french drain.

A customer who lives in RESERVOIR, VIC contacted us. His two-storey house with a basement is located on a sloping block.Water penetrated into the basement during heavy rains. We had to waterproof a wall outside and to prevent water from penetrating into the...

Salt Deposits on the Walls – and other signs of Rising Damp and Lateral Damp / Penetrating Damp

Evidently, it is really important to check the conditions of the walls in the building and, as soon as the Rising Damp signs are spotted, take necessary actions to fix it.

What are the first signs of Rising Damp?

– Bubbly paint
– Drummy plaster
– Staining
– Salty deposits and Efflorescence
– Damp smell
– Mold appearance

Leaking Garage Waterproofing in Toorak – Crack Injection, Damp Proofing, and two layers of Top-Quality Membrane

Another Garage has to be Waterproofed.

As it often appears, there are two problems indicated: the ground level outside the wall is higher than the floor level – so the moisture is coming inside from the soil through the brickwork; and, of course, Rising Damp.

Recently the owner renovated her yard with new blue stone pavers – so External Wall Waterproofing wasn’t an option.

With the approval from the owner, we’ve decided to complete the Internal Wall Waterproofing procedure…

External Waterproofing, Damp Proofing and Crack Injection in Macleod – the job that truly surprised us!

The owner of the house got a Top-Quality Waterproofing for his abode – leaving us a positive review on our page. We’ve got the experience of working with the given situation and the feeling of satisfaction that “WE’VE DONE IT!”.
The Client is happy – we are happy ?

Top-Class External Waterproofing, Damp Proofing and Crack Stitching in Greensborough

Complete External Waterproofing Routine for the Residential House in Greensborough.

Applying the real Waterproofing, completing it with Damp Proofing and Crack Stitching.

Top Quality Crack Stitching for Mooroolbark College

Fixing the Structural Cracks for Mooroolbark College – Crack Stitching.
Stitching the Cracks, picking the right color and performing Re-pointing
for the right finish.

Waterproofing the Outside Garage Wall in Balwyn North

Balwyn North. One of the Garage Walls is always wet. Quite often the water appears from the floor/wall joint.

As always, there are two independent reasons for that:

First of all, there is moisture coming directly from the ground outside the garage – the ground level is 1,5m higher than the garage floor.

Secondly – there is Rising Damp.

Fixing the Builder’s mistakes – Professional Waterproofing in Box Hill

This is an excellent example, making obvious a great difference between Professional and Amateur.

New multi-level building in Box Hill. The Builder decided to save money and do the External Waterproofing on his own, without any Professional help or advice. It has been less than a year since the Builder have done so called “Waterproofing” – and now we can see the results.

DryRod Damp Proofing – the most Advanced Rising Damp Solution

DryRod Damp Proofing with Damp Proofing Rods.

The Most Advanced method of treating Rising Damp.

Reliable External Wall Waterproofing Melbourne

Reliable External Wall Waterproofing in Ringwood East.

The floor level is lower than the ground level. Water from the outside is getting inside the building – into the garage, basement or living area (shop, warehouse etc.).
Pretty common situation, isn’t it?

Outstanding Crack Stitching the Cracked Wall on Toorak Rd., Camberwell

Stitching the Cracked Wall on Toorak Rd., Camberwell.

Because of the mistakes made in choosing of the footing system, the 25m of the wall has few severe cracks, threatening the whole wall to collapse in the near future. We’ve fixed it!

Professional Internal Walls Waterproofing using High-Pressure Crack Injection in Ringwood North

Internal Walls Waterproofing, using High-Pressure Crack Injection in Ringwood North.

Turning the Unlivable 40 square meters to a Modern, Beautiful Living Area with High-Pressure Crack Injection and Waterproofing Membrane.

Damp Proofing and Tanking the Leaking Garage Wall

The Garage Wall is located between the Client’s and his Neighbor’s plots. The ground level on the Neighbor’s plot is 0.5m higher, than the Garage Floor. So – the wall is situated 0.5m form the Garage Floor is getting wet from the ground of the Neighbor’s plot.

External Waterproofing of the wall hasn’t been done – and the brick work is absorbing the moisture from the ground like a sponge. As result – there is mold on the internal wall, the paint is bubbling, the seam is spilling out and the brick disintegrate. This is Single-Brick wall – so there is also a real damage of the wall collapsing inside the garage.

Due to external wall is on the Neighbor’s plot – we can’t access it, so we can’t Waterproof the external wall. What`s the solution for such common situation?

Damp Proofing Liquid

Gravity Damp Course or Damp-Course Fluid (Damp Proofing Liquid).

The Damp Proofing method from 1950-s – is it still used today?

Damp Proofing Cream – Modern Rising Damp Treatment

Rising Damp Treatment – Damp Proofing Cream.

In this article we will overview one of the ways to treat Rising Damp – with DRYZONE Damp Proofing Cream.

Nice Example of an External Wall Waterproofing

The brick wall is washed with a pressure washer, the joints and cracks are filled with hydraulic cement , rendered and covered with 2 layers of of TREMproof 250 GC waterproofing membrane.

Damp Proofing Rods

The Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods are even more effective and with guaranteed dosage and increased treatment speed are recommended for projects that demand maximum performance.

The most effective rising damp eradication treatment available — Independent testing proves that Dryrod outperforms all other competitors systems. The eradication of rising damp is permanent — the active ingredients permeate, and bond with the masonry providing a permanent solution to rising damp.

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AWC Group Pty Ltd is a small, Family-Owned and Operated Waterproofing Company with strong Accent on Quality and Client Satisfaction.

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The Company is headed by the director with Civil Engineer background and over 15 years of intense hands-on experience in Waterproofing and Plumbing industries.

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We only use premium products to ensure superior quality. It’s just the way we guarantee our work – and complete client satisfaction.

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AWC Group endeavours to provide the highest quality of service and workmanship within the waterproofing industry.

Our mission is to provide quality solutions and excellent service. From the beginning of each project until completion, our attention is focussed on your expectations and requirements.

We are a small service-orientated company with our goals focused on providing high performance and responsive service. We work hard to develop excellent relationships with each of our customers. Your satisfaction is our purpose.


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We use a German WEBAC®  machinery for crack injection works


Carrying out plumbing work as licensed plumbers we can issue a Compliance Certificate to provide a 6 year guarantee on our work

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Waterproofing building on sloped ground

Waterproofing building on sloped ground

Welcome to our blog. The house is built on a sloping site in Oakleigh. Installed 3 retaining walls. Between retaining walls the distance is 1-1.5 meters. Water enters the house through these walls. It is necessary to carry out external waterproofing of  the wall. The...