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Certain things in life are inevitable.  Some of them are Death, Taxes, and Concrete Cracks!

Crack Injection is the most excellent technique of filling cracks in concrete and brickwork.

What is Crack Injection?


Crack Injection shall be understood as the filling of cracks in reinforced concrete buildings or brickwork by means of grouting with mineral based materials or resins. Pressure Injection Techniques can be used for injecting cracks,
cold joints, and soil stabilization

The system can be used to stop gushing water, to seal minor seepage, to re-gain structural integrity and to waterproof and strengthen almost any concrete or masonry structure from the positive or negative side, below grade, above grade and under water. This way the structural strength of the concrete, its load bearing capacity and its durability can be restored.

Depending on the type of crack, we normally use either Polyurethane for flexible crack repair or Epoxy for structural repair.

When Crack Injection can be used?

High and Low Pressure Crack Injection techniques can be used in almost any situation, where it is required to stop the water and seal the cracks for many, many years. It is commonly used in Waterproofing of:

Basements & Foundations

Underground Car Parking

Lift Shafts

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete Pits

Swimming Pools

As our Head Technician says: “We can stop any leak, anywhere –
the question is how much Injection Product will we need”.


High Pressure Crack Injection Melbourne 2

There are two main types of Crack Injection:


High Pressure Crack Injection

– Basement & Foundation

– Underground car parking

– Lift shafts

– Concrete Water tanks

– Concrete Pits

“Packer” injection or High Pressure injection. The most appropriate way to seal the wall cracks and prevent its affects is to carry out polyurethane Crack Injection.
Polyurethane foam works properly for closing leaking cracks and putting a stop to the water leakage. The hydrophilic polyurethane has the capability to expand 10-15 times its original volume to seal off all cracks and gaps from front to back. Once it gets into the crack it begins to expand. The outcome of the expansion leads to the injection procedure more convenient for the technicians – when the polyurethane expands, the foam is actually filling any empty spaces and gaps in the foundation.
This repair is permanent and works with either active or dormant cracks. One of the benefits of polyurethane crack injection is that it is both strong and flexible for any crack movement.

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Low Pressure Crack Injection

– Basements

– Parking decks

– Swimming pools

Epoxy Crack Injection is referred as “syringe”, “surface port”, “gravity” injection or “low pressure” injection because it involve the usage of surface mounted injection ports to direct the epoxy into a crack. These injections are done at a relatively low pressure (20-40 psi).

The secret to effective Crack Injection, whether epoxy or polyurethane foam, is patient, low-pressure introduction of the liquid polymer into the crack. Low pressure allows the applicator to properly monitor the injection process. At this pressure range, the applicator can be confident that the crack has been saturated with the liquid polymer up to that point when liquid begins to collect at an adjacent surface port.

Once cured, the repaired concrete cracks will be two to three times stronger than the original concrete, guaranteeing a long lasting and durable crack repair solution. This way the structural strength of the concrete, its load bearing capacity and its durability can be restored.

Crack Injection

Technicians of AWC Group have years of Practical, Professional hands-on Experience using the best modern German Crack Injection Machinery!


We only use and highly recommend Top Quality materials from the best Brands for any Crack Injection Works:


1. Bluey Rez CS150 (Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin)

2. Sika Plug (Fast Setting Water Plug)

3. Sikalastik-1K Fiber-Reinforced Waterproofing Mortar (Negative Pressure Membrane)

Concrete Crack Injection | Brick Crack Injection | High-Pressure Crack Injection | Low-Pressure Crack Injection | Damp Proofing | Waterproofing Melbourne

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